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I'm writing.
Words dance in my mind.
Sentences composed.
All in the pursue of meaning.

Mick Murillo presents:

Initial Root.

The history of the return to Earth of the 'Intelligent' Animal Species who got closer to the total destruction of it's own planet on this side of the Galaxy. And how the current Earthlings must defend from them. The legend says that only the one who will reach the Flow of Knowledge which emanates from the Tree of Truth grasped in the Initial Root will be able to save Earth from those who once again will get our Mother Gaia close to the point of total devastation.


The sky was cloudy, light was diffuse. We were walking in direction to the Tree of Truth who is nourished by the Initial Root, and we say WHO because he is considered a person of the highest importance, even he is just... well, a vegetable. It would be a offense to refer to him as a thing unprovided of a respectable personality. Most intelligent living beings on Earth don't fully understand the full significance of being in search of the Tree of Truth and what the Initial Root is. Pursuing the Initial Root is like trying to reach the potency which predates the creation of this Universe and all that resides in it.

I'm tired, we must have been walking, sometimes running, for more than six hundred kilometers without resting. When I stop to rest, those who come with me rest. My drove is composed by my loved one and our already grown kitten. We have 6 of them, four are ours, and a couple are adopted from our beloved Tatva, the mother of my Cwén¹: who has recently been killed by those who leaved this planet millenia ago and now return to claim this planet as if it still was their property. Her killing has motivated our voyage to find the Tree of Truth, it is said that those who find him get in contact with the Initial Root and have easy access to the Flow of Knowledge. We need such knowledge to develop some way to defend ourselves from the invasors. They have bigger brains... and machines we don't understand. They regards us as a dangerous inferior species which is against their interests. And have begun a campaign for our submission or annihilation as Freepurusa².

Those of my kind prefer to die in war than to lose Freedom. And won't accept anything less than this planet as a property of itself at the service of all who have evolved here. This will never become the property of some crazy dominant primates... Homo Sapiens they called themselves before leaving this planet. I have read their history in the computing data centers we got to awaken some years ago. At the time they left, we were four feet animals without other occupation than hunting, sleeping, defend and reproduce; and we were in extinction danger due to their environmental unsustainable culture... between those thoughts... I slowly fell asleep... while losing contact with my body the image of a big, gorgeous Tree from which a incandescent light emanated formed in my mind... I imagined it was him: the Tree of Truth, I searched him... and now he found me. And no one was to expect the tribulations to come.

¹Cwén: Female consort, wife, the mother of your children, your loved one. From old English.
²Freepurusa: Refers to the intelligent species who have evolved in Earth with the capacity to live and create in total freedom. Composed from English 'Free' and sanskrit 'Purusa' (Soul). In the context of this History refers to those who are recognized as part of a Intelligent Animal Species and have the full rigths provided by the current Earthian Common Law, which includes the right to not serve as food to another Animal.

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