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I'm writing.
Words dance in my mind.
Sentences composed.
All in the pursue of meaning.

The Writings are here.

The stories that can be written, seem to have a start and come to an end, but time has neither a beginning nor end we can remember...

Message from Mick Murillo:

“My first written stories were narrations made during my attendance to Primary school, exercises in which you had to made up a story. I remember two of them... one involved Aliens and the other a kidnapping, travels to Tibet and some dangerous fictional sect. While my classmates would have enough writing some paragraphs, I needed to expand further beyond to finally get satisfied. And when reading them loud in class, It looked like my peers enjoyed my work.”

“Now I sporadically write some lyrics and short essays and narrations. I also have now briefly started a couple novels and have dozens of ideas for histories to be narrated, may it be in writing, comic books, video games or movies... working with imagination is enjoyable. But getting an economical profit from it to allow you to develop your ideas is not easy. In any field of art there are a mass of wannabes but only a small percentage which get into full professionalization. I dream into getting to that point while I work in this website and its contents... but later, I have to engage in the everyday work that provides some money for food, shelter and computers. At that point, there's almost no time to write down and develop the full flow of imagination which creates full universes.”





You enjoy the artwork, that's the deal.



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